Direct Install

Black Hills Energy is making it easier for you to save!

In order to help customers reduce energy use, participating technicians will install natural gas water-saving measures at your business or facility to help increase efficiency and save money—AT NO COST TO YOU!

These measures, which include high-efficiency spray valves and faucet aerators, can save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy and water costs:

  • Pre-rinse spray valves save up to $750 annually.
  • Low-flow aerators reduce water use in bathroom and hand washing faucets by approximately 50 percent.

How Many Tankers are Your Faucets Filling?

You'd be surprised...

Replacing one 2.2 gallon per minute aerator (in a public restroom) with one energy efficient .5 gallon per minute aerator is estimated to save approximately 13,000 gallons of water per year or 1.6 tankers.

This same aerator is estimated to save approximately 6,000 cubic feet of natural gas or enough to fill a typical 53 foot semi-trailer (4,000 cubic feet) one and a half times.

Get Started

For more information or to schedule your free install call your Black Hills Energy representative:

Bryan Vericker at 501-221-4041