Programs, Services & Resources for Small Businesses

Let Black Hills Energy help you lower your natural gas usage and help your business save money through rebate programs, energy saving services, tips and more.

Take advantage of our rebates and programs for equipment installation and energy assessments to start saving money today. Reducing your business’s energy costs now means bottom line savings for the future.


Programs & Services

No-Cost Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Assessment

Our Black Hills Energy assessment provides your business with a report detailing valuable improvements and suggested programs and rebates to meet your needs to help you cut costs. We’ll show you where to save money!




Direct Install Program

With our Direct Install Program, no-cost equipment measures are available for all Black Hills Energy customers including restaurants, office buildings and small businesses. Measures may include, but are not limited to, pre-rinse spray valves, aerators, and showerheads.



Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebates
Rebates on Natural Gas Equipment Used by Your Business


Your business can start saving money immediately by taking advantage of our rebates on newly installed natural gas equipment. Take a look at our example rebates below to see how you can start saving now.

Example rebates

Water Heating

Tankless Water Heater with .90 energy factor or higher

REBATE: $500

Heating Equipment

Natural Gas Forced-Air Furnace with 95% AFUE or higher

REBATE: $500

Commercial Cooking

High Efficiency Combi-Oven

REBATE: $1,500

Commercial & Industrial Heating

High Efficiency Commercial Boiler

REBATE: $1,400 per MMBTU/Hr2